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Stars, orientation and culture

Updated: May 11, 2022

While travelling with my son and wife by car through Northern Ireland, I finally found the time on a day of rest in a fortnight to write about background story creation and to give you an idea of what I think AstroNavigators true role in the board game industry should take.

After sharing some experiences with you all about the Northern Irish sky with its astronomical, historical and even pop-cultural attractions, I will touch upon the background of Jarrah Walker. In doing so, I intend to sketch my idea of igniting interest in different cultures and their approach towards astronomy.

Northern Ireland (Armagh)

Two weeks ago we took a Saturday to visit a town called Armagh. While walking around after lunch we came across a stone monument depicting all technical and theoretical advances in astronomy. And visible on a pedestal, was a rather giant orb for the street it is situated in. If you take a closer look at the orb, it was ornamented with golden dots which turned out to be stars on a star globe. On the grey stone background my wife saw some white stains of dirt, which actually was a representation of the Milky Way ;-). After grasping the meaning of our find in a rather insignificant area for us, we were struck with awe because of the beauty of this very informative and accurately detailed monument.

Star Globe Monument (D. De Hon)