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This is important!

Thank you for taking the time for an honest feedback. In any case, whether you like the game or not, an honest feedback makes the game more accessible for the world. Especially if you like the game, constructive criticism without holding back is not only helping me creating and publishing a better game, but it will also help you and your friends enjoying the final version even more. Once it hits your table, hopefully you will be thinking of the moment you took the time to help me making this journey awesome!


Playtest Feedback Form

Every play before final production is a new playtest that helps us making the games more awesome.

Thank you for taking part in it!

This feedback is based on the one from Board Game Design Lab (BGDL): Homepage - Board Game Design Lab

What type of games do you typically enjoy?
BGG complexity
Not complex at allVery managableA bit complexQuite complexExtremely complex
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Would you like to play again?
Would you buy this game?
Can I contact you for more feedback later?
Rulebook or rules explenation
Game Length
Down Time
Luck vs Skill

Thanks for submitting!

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