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Astrometric Puzzle

Updated: May 22, 2023

Hi there!

You might have read about an astrometric puzzle on my Gamefound page. The launch date, when all goes well of course, is set somewhere in May. In the latest update I talked about a chance to win an all-in pledge by drawing the night sky as portrayed by given positions of gamepieces on the gameboards of AstroNavigators, as being setup in Tabletop Simulator.

For this puzzle you need to draw the Southern or Northern night sky of a current setup position in the game. Remember to face the (celestial) equator. You get to see the setup of the Earth map, lunar action board, the star map and the orrery board. The middle of your sheet of paper is the southern or northern direction at midnight facing the equator (depending on which hemisphere you are located), where you must try to position the correct moon phase, the background constellations and the visible planets in the sky.

  • Those with the most accurate solutions are the winners

  • The most beautiful drawings will end up in the Art and Soul book covering the background science and story of the game

Being artistic is nevertheless not mandatory to be able to win. The amount of winners are set to a maximum of 1% of the backers. So, if we have 1000 backers e.g., there will be a maximum of 10 potential winners.

Situation of the puzzle:

1. Sidereal midnight 0H

2. Location +2 or -2 zones (30°-60° N or S) to avoid zenith and midnight suns

3. Objects needed:

a. Moon (if visible)

b. Planets

c. At least 2 background constellations

When to hand in the puzzle?

Take your time. The deadline for this precampaign puzzle is after the actual campaign. Send it via the chat box attachment on the AstroNavigators website, after registration. Discuss and consult each other on this BGG-forum. I also might add some clarifications, but no solutions.

Feel free to use the knowledge on the internet, the rulebook, Tabletop Simulator (TTS) and even the

free astrometric app Stellarium. Don't forget to download the work sheet with example. You can use something else than the work sheet, but the example provided uses such a worksheet. Always handy, even as a draft. Remember to turn it upside-down when located on another hemisphere. Remember to add the wind directions on your artwork or alternative sheet.

Another puzzle, working in the opposite direction might be popping up during the campaign, where you put the pieces in TTS and using print screens as the solution, based on an astropicture I once made of the night sky.

Good luck!

Actual Puzzle:

Extra images of the complete boards:

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