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Updated: May 16, 2022



The desert feels cold past dusk. Leo Maseko wears bleu jeans and a posh brown jacket with stripes. In the distance, he can make out what seems to be a torch like light source in front of a gigantic ionic pillar. Once closer to the light, a somewhat misplaced ancient Greek temple appears in sight behind the pillar, partially revealed by the full moon that lights the side of Maseko's view. With sadness, Leo looks at the astrolabe dangling to his thigh on a rope to his belt. He wants to seek comfort in the moonlight to conjure up the worthwhile effort of a sacrifice he made with his betrayal to Jarrah, until... suddenly two new light sources flash on top of the pillar like monstrous eyes staring down at its pray. Leo never felt like a prey before, he is used to be the predator. This sensation is certainly new and exotic to him. Whatever thought or regret has been setup in the sky evaporates. The creature's silhouette darkens the full moon, making its body and head more visible to the light of the flickering torches at the pillar's pedestal. Leo now notices the lion shaped body and strangely feels at ease right away. The blue lit eyes seem to narrow in irritation by the relaxed posture of Maseko. The illusion of comfort is short lived when abruptly gigantic wings darken even more of the moonlit background.

A grunt, low yet female voice bellows through the air: 'Don't tell me you where just strolling around and got lost.' Leo reaches for the astrolabe when the winged creature continues, 'You sought me. Here I am, Maseko!' Leo gasps when he hears his name. 'Are you a sphinx, an angel of the Sun?' he stutters and holds the astrolabe high above his head as an offering. The human face, with the body of a lion and angelic wings confirms with the same grunt bellowing voice: 'Sol Ange!' She looks at the Arabian astrolabe and frowns. 'Your sacrifice was in vain. You threw love down the drain to uncover my secrets? I need a spherical astrolabe!' Leo lowers his paw with the astrolabe and closes his eyes for a moment, realizing what foolishness has just overcome him.

When he hears flapping wings, he looks up just in time to realize Sol Ange leaping down towards him. Without thinking he rolls an evasive manoeuvre backwards, before the sphinx's huge claws strikes the spot where he stood. The sand lifts up to form a temporary curtain veil. Once the sand cloud evaporates, Leo sees one of Sol Ange's paws covering his astrolabe. Her human blue-eyed female face, peeking through a bleu metal amazon helmet adorned with emerald stones, is now very clearly visible. She smirks while slowly circling her prey. 'Before I can even hint you with information about time and space, or with something more ambitious; like how to control them to your benefit...' she stops circling at the same spot the astrolabe lay on the ground. 'Show me that you understand what creature you really are! You know the one that goes on four legs in the morning, on two at noon and on three in the evening. And don't sell me that lion and koala romance nonsense! Or... I will devour you!!! Come back with the right instrument when you know the answer.' The sphinx kicks the astrolabe towards Leo. Blinded by the accompanying sand, Maseko covers his head with his jacket. When he scans his surroundings again, Sol Ange is gone.


A lot of my work before diving into the rulebook again, was redesigning all the cards with new artwork, tweaked design details and adding new abilities, or correcting overpowered ones. They are not final yet, but are good for demonstrations and precampaigning. Diego is working on some new layered backgrounds for our trailer, but those will also replace some of cards temporary card backgrounds. These backgrounds would equally serve its purpose as playmat add-on art.

What follows is the direction we are going for with the card designs. The character, hidden agenda, Instrument-Quest, lunar phase and planet cards have their bleed margins still on, while the constellation art has round cut corners for demonstrational purposes in these examples.

You will also notice the last series of master model miniatures sent by Aná of Tiny Factory Studio among the images.

Enjoy the parade of components that follows...



Hidden Agendas:


Lunar Phases:

images are still subjected to change (for Diego's version)


images are still subjected to change (for Diego's version)

Instrument-quest cards:

These instruments are halve tucked with instrument side under the hidden agenda cards and with quest visible and side up. Once the quest has been completed, the card is turned with the instrument side up. Active instruments grand techniques that can unlock Super Inventions.

Super Inventions demo tokens:

Super Invention cards with their ability still need to be developed. The super inventions are a story driven expansion, originating from the solo variant. Although we already have the miniatures and some artwork, detail designing is probably left for after the campaign. Here we just show you the technique requirements with their miniature image.


First an overview with height comparison (by Jeff McDowall and Tiny Factory Studio), then some pictures of the new models.


The big change here is the cut up into separate tiles to enlarge the most important parts, which can be placed in the centre of the table. One of the nuisances during physical play tests on our playmat was the fact that the small icons became fuzzy on the playmat, that the world and star maps were too small and too far away for some players at the table. Separating the components into tiles proofs to be efficient as well for players with different table dimensions. You can place the boards as you see fit.