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Super Inventions as our big guns

Updated: May 13, 2021

My adult life up until now has been captivated by celestial mechanics and instruments to decode them. From the early encounter with cosmography as an 18-year old, via my geography teacher (with the Titius–Bode law calculating the spacing between planets at the end of my upper secondary education), to my UA (University of Antwerp) Master thesis about Chinese scientific and cultural influence (via astronomical instrument inventions during the Yuan Dynasty), up to my Bachelor studies in astrophysics at UCLan (University of Central Lancashire) and my job at the UGent (University of Ghent) Armand Pien Popular Observatory as a science educator (where one of our story line super inventions resides; the real 19th century brass telescope I work with in outreach projects), I can say that this game is a reflection of my affinity for observational instruments. A lot of knowledge picked up in the last 20 years are carefully picked and polished in a more than 5-year endeavour.

Composition (Vincent Verhoeven) Sphinx Sol Ange (Diego Sanchez)

In this blog I will disclose a short history of the hardship to get to this point. The outcome we have reached until now is already beyond my wildest dreams. And most of this is thanks to an amazing team of play testers, graphic designers, illustrators and 3D-sculptors I have had the fortune to encounter. A special thanks go out to Deborah, Diego and Ana for joining and supporting me on this journey. And since we are nearing a turning point towards pre-campaigning preparations and logistics, I am anxious to meet other professionals along the way in the coming phases.

This blog will also project the roles of the special characters and instruments from the solo module, with their optional addition to an advanced multiplayer game. Normally I love to write as many blogs as possible, but now there are more gaps between them due to the increasing amount of work that comes with this project for a starting publisher. Nevertheless, this one will be really extensive to make up for the gap you readers might have felt. I will show the work I am covering now with the rulebook, the graphical draft design changes that were critical t