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Versions, miniatures and animals

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Board game versions

Tabletopia screenshot of AstroNavigators online (Amillary Games)

I wasn't sure how the reaction would be on miniatures for the characters, but it would drive the price too far up for some people. My decision to go for cardboard and wooden pieces for the retail version is an important one. This will keep the price low for people who really don't care for miniatures. On the other hand, some backers from a previous campaign did advise me to consider to include miniatures to attract the attention to a unique theme, such as astronomy, to an audience obsessed with miniatures or painting them. If a lot of people would miss out on the miniatures, we can always bring out a miniature expansion pack to complete the retail version in a later stage, depending on the success. By keeping a focus on the retail version, we will also make it easier to lower the initial campaign target. The current digital Tabletopia test versions give a good idea how the standees, tokens and pieces would look like.

3D overview of artwork contributions of Tiny Factory Studios, Jeff McDowall Design, Diego Sanchez, Vincent Verhoeven (Armillary Games)