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1. Tester guide intro

With this first encounter for the game, you might want to know what the game is all about before embarking on a play testing quest with AstroNavigators.

With this first video I want to introduce you to a game that is in my opinion so unique that it deserves all the care and testing possible before publishing it. Today we make leaps in the progression of this game. Nevertheless, more testing and a solo variant is waiting to emerge. Furthermore, everything you see up until now is mostly prototyped graphic design.

2. Get registered

All the tools you get to play test AstroNavigators online are outlined in this video.

  • Chat box on the website

  • Forum

  • Play test area with Tabletopia and Discord

  • Mobile Wix app to stay connected on the go

  • Mobile version of Tabletopia and Discord

If there are any questions about registering, use the chat box on the right of this webpage!

3. Tabletopia controls

This film gives an overview of the settings and controls in Tabletopia for the board game while play testing. Some examples of how to manipulate cards and tiles during setup can also be helpful to play any other game on the platform. Although many may have different preferences for camera settings and placements during the game, this film will not only help first time users of Tabletopia, but might help advanced gamers to play AstroNavigators more efficiently.

4. First & Fast rules

This video will be the most important one for game testing rules, and will therefore be a bit longer than the other videos. This one will be longer than 10 minutes. This First and Fast module is designed to learn the game before dealing with any asymmetric special abilities and hidden agendas. The basic rules are very technical, and I think it is important to explain some of the scientific reasoning behind it.


From this point, for some the real fun begins because of the asymmetric abilities and hidden agendas in the game. Being your own unique character makes you feel interested in the other characters as well, and therefore raises the replay ability considerably. Explaining each different character with care takes some time, so we split it up into this video with the setup and abilities concentrated on the astronomer chapter, and into the next video we concentrate at the astronaut chapter with its impactful hidden agendas.


How sneaky can you get and how to observe from the Moon? If you thought that Florida was the only place to launch from, you might be pleased to see the alternative launch sites in the game!

The Abort and Abort Stage button seem to give you some backup, but what if you were already on your way home to Earth? This video will guide you to the final chapter of the game in the Constellation module.


in the making!

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