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Launched on Tabletopia!

Updated: Mar 29, 2022


  1. Rulebook v.4.2: done

  2. Tabletopia launch: done

  3. First and Fast video tutorial: done

  4. Blind playtests: preparations

  5. Gamefound: preparations (pending production quotes)

  6. Video trailer: pending artwork

This month was pretty productive. The rulebook was finally finished concerning the headline rules. Sure, there are a couple of reviews and redesigns ahead of us, but this will in large be outsourced after the blind test runs. Another reason why this rulebook was so important, was for an official Tabletopia launch. In light of giving it a good start on the digital boardgame platform, I took a week to write a script, do the voiceover and film several shots to fit the script. The tutorial is just the beginners' module, but shows the basic concept perfectly. The best parts in my opinion can be found in the Solar System module, but I am aware that the Constellation module is quite satisfying as well.

This week was set to work on the