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SPIEL 2021

Hi, this blog will be a short one, but nevertheless interesting if you fancy joining the many board gamers at this German game fair at Essen this week! We will be present on Saturday 16th, running around wearing recognizable shirts or sweaters (depending on de the temperatures in the halls), handing out flyers and luxurious touch pens with stylus from Armillary Games.

We will have our miniatures with us if you want to take a look or even hold them! Talk to us, ask us questions, if you can catch us! Yes, you'll have to bump into us, or catch us, since we won't have a stand this year at Essen, but probably next year, in 2022, when hopefully our game is out and for sale!

Although there is only a limited time to catch us, we will be posting our whereabouts on Instagram and Twitter to give some hints. And catching us might even be rewarded with a nice T-shirt or sweater, specially printed for you! More about this later...

We mainly decided to go to SPIEL 2021 at the last moment, when the COVID-19 situation was lifted due to the positive European vaccination plan, and due to the fact that, despite some doubt, the organizers decided to go through with the board game fair in good faith. Nothing more invigorating than to seek a partnership with people in the industry face to face! We hope to catch some folks who can help us with the rulebook, blind testing, precampaigning and campaigning, demo productions, alternative productions, shipping,... actually with all the missing pieces to finally complete this project.

We thought to be practical about our visit to the fair and add some initial precampaigning to it, by making flyers, name cards, fancy pens, T-shirts, sweaters, a.o.


If you are at Essen Spiel on Saturday, you can win a customized sweater or T-shirt if you manage to do the following:

  1. leave a picture on Instagram or Twitter while tagging us

  2. mention your favourite 3 characters of AstroNavigators on that feat

  3. like us on BGG and Facebook

we will randomly choose two winners for a sweater or T-shirt (in the style we are wearing) with their favourite characters, drawn by our illustrator Diego Sanchez! They will be printed and sent to the winners after contacting them.

My wife Deborah will be wearing a burgundy/charcoal sweater or a white V-neck T-shirt with Sphen Easydive as front print, while I will be strolling around in a burgundy/charcoal sweater or a dip dye khaki T-shirt (yep, that's a thing! :-p) with the special sphinx character Sol Ange as front print.

Next to redesigning all the play cards and the game boards, we are also gathering material to visit other board game fairs in the neighbourhood with a stand in order to demonstrate the game to the public. One of the background stand designs is based on our first ever wallpaper from two years ago. We still think it is very pretty to draw the attention with its parchment background, adorned with Proctor's 1880 star map.

Well, we kept this one short, but worthwhile mentioning if you are at Essen SPIEL 2021.

See you there if possible! And as always: 'Follow the stars and reach for the Moon!'

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