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The apotheosis of character developments

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

We started 2021 full of hope. Vaccinations take full throttle... I am dying to play board games again on a regular basis with real people who love playing as I do. A year where I can physically showcase our future flagship game. It will hopefully also be the year of our campaign. Armillary Games has taken flight as a publishing company with a dedicated office, but since I can only work on it less than part time for now, it goes with a pace which my spare time allows me to. We are arriving at a new crossroad where our artists are drawing the final chapter of our character developments.

Afterwards, hopefully before Summer, we will work on the final graphics and illustration looks of cards end playing boards. The illustrations that come to mind to be done are especially the constellations in the game. I will be designing a separate constellation star map as well, specifically for the planned art-storybook.

In the meantime I am working on the rulebook, finalizing all the modules with the rules and with examples. I have stopped with the time consuming editing and making of test play films for the moment (still one in preproduction), because at Q4 around the SPIEL-convention period we want to have our campaign start ready. This however will depend on, the availability of all our artistic partners and the budget we can muster for our first big project. The ETA of the game will nevertheless be for 2022.

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