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Follow the stars
reach for the Moon!

AstroNavigators is a strategic game, using a real star map linking our position on Earth to the stars. Gain information of our planet’s position and the planetary motions of the Solar System, while searching for the moment to prove you are the best astronavigator from the Earth to the Moon.

This game is still under development and waiting to be published in 2023. You can follow the evolution on our website blog, on Facebook and on Board Game Geek.

The board game combines astronomy and space navigation. It is developed by Vincent Verhoeven, who has been in the astronomy popularization business for 10 years. This unique game contains artwork by board game illustrator Diego Sanchez and the deluxe version will also contain awesome character miniatures from a.o. Aná Roman at Tiny Factory studio and stylish spacecraft miniature designs by Jeff McDowall Design. It takes 1 to 4 players to play the base game and plays in about 60 to 120 min. (about 30 min/player in multiplay).