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Preview on Gamefound


  1. Physical (blind) playtests: started

  2. Gamefound preview: done

  3. Video trailer: pending artwork

  4. Gamefound launch: pending quotes deluxe version and stretch goals

Demo boxes for playtests and demonstrations

We have a delay of quoting from our manufacturer due to a COVID-lockdown in China. Furthermore, no progress was done on the background images to get a quoting for the trailer yet. Despite of this stagnation, we did receive our demo boxes from Carta Mundi to start playtesting.

For this reason we will add a form on the website that can be filled by boardgame clubs and groups in Belgium to book us for up to 8 players for playtesting the game with explanation or blind testing the rulebook. Players who playtest the game several times will be mentioned in the rulebook, players doing blind tests get an honorary mention for their efforts to read a rulebook in progress! Once you have played the game, you obviously will not be eligible for a blind test anymore.