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Preview on Gamefound


  1. Physical (blind) playtests: started

  2. Gamefound preview: done

  3. Video trailer: pending artwork

  4. Gamefound launch: pending quotes deluxe version and stretch goals

Demo boxes for playtests and demonstrations

We have a delay of quoting from our manufacturer due to a COVID-lockdown in China. Furthermore, no progress was done on the background images to get a quoting for the trailer yet. Despite of this stagnation, we did receive our demo boxes from Carta Mundi to start playtesting.

For this reason we will add a form on the website that can be filled by boardgame clubs and groups in Belgium to book us for up to 8 players for playtesting the game with explanation or blind testing the rulebook. Players who playtest the game several times will be mentioned in the rulebook, players doing blind tests get an honorary mention for their efforts to read a rulebook in progress! Once you have played the game, you obviously will not be eligible for a blind test anymore.

Approved for preview on Gamefound!

A week ago we have been approved to publish our project preview on Gamefound. I decided to wait until today to publish the preview, because I really wanted to have the visuals and important content ready to show followers what this project is all about. I guess we will wait up to two months before launch to get things done like exact quotes for trailer, production and logistics. Jamey Stegmaier's main mantra for crowdfunding campaign is "You don't have to launch today!". In a way I felt the same about the preview page. I ordered Jamey's book by the way: “A Crowdfunder’s Strategy Guide: Build a Better Business by Building Community”. I also must say I am so thankful to see many loyal fans popping up encouraging me by giving advise, helping to spread the word, liking all the progress posts and even very eager to back the project already. To all of you fans, new and especially the loyal old ones, surprisingly very patient and in big numbers, this time we are going to seize the precampaign to spread the word and make the game you all want!

I am glad that, unlike with Kickstarter, the Gamefound platform helps you manage stretch goals automatically and that the preview really feels like a precampaign effort, building up to a launch date, followed by a pledge manager on the same platform.

Although the stretch goals are not yet included, some of you might already have some clues of what they might be.

Last website blog before Gamefound launch

The next updates will be presented on the Gamefound update page instead of this blog. The Gamefound page is more visible to the target audience and I expect a bigger follower count there to be kept updated. Feel free to use the comment section in the preview page to contact me or to talk with other enthusiasts and refer them to this websites blog section if they which to dig into some old progress details. Thanks for following us all these years and for reading my blogs. Don't forget to follow the project on Gamefound before launch to get a 5 EUR discount! See you all there...

Armillary Games: Vincent Verhoeven and Deborah De Hon playtesting

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