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Prototype play test

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

This month will mark the start of the first play tests for the AstroNavigator version of my concept. I decided to use TableTopia again, since I became so proficient in getting a desktop and mobile version last time I worked on a game. The main reason is to extend play tests worldwide again, and to deliver on time if the printed prototype version for demonstrations via Carta Mundi's MakeMyGame would take longer to print than expected. On the other hand I am still postponing the print order until our wizard illustrator Diego delivers, what I imagine, an awesome box art for the game. No pressure, Diego ;-).

I am writing a new content blog on Wang Xiongmao's background and references, but in the meantime I am unveiling some new prototype stuff, visually still to be redone by graphic designer Guilhem and illustrator Diego, but for prototype more than sufficient.

Visibility player aid cards

New daylight cards to indicate the day time, part of the sky that is invisible to observe other stars than the Sun, and armillary cards are added to align with the player's latitude position on the world map and zenith

(the highest point above your head = altitude 90° for the observer) on the star map. This way the arrow indicates the zenith and the eye icons the other visible declination zones on the star map.

Black indicated region is latitude position, red indicated region is visible stars minus the daylight (TableTopia)

The armillary cards will bear some information on polar nights and midsummer night sunlight for polar locations (+3).

Punch boards

I have prepared the punch board images for the prototype prints. Those include the tiles for the end game on the lunar voyage track and the continent tiles with icons to trigger extra vehicle transport actions, quests, solar protection tools, telescope access, sextant ability and additional launch locations, like Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

I want to thank my observatory colleague Pieter Mestdagh for the Apollo vector images on the punch boards above.

In the following set of punch boards, you will find the prototype tiles to add on your player board each time you visit a new continent.

The next step is to complete the stickers for the dice and the tokens for the collections and lunar phases. Once the standee cartons, ability tiles and hidden agendas of our characters are added, and the box art has been complete, we will place the order for prototype printing. I estimate the 2 boxes will be enough for play tests. Real prototype demonstrations for pre-campaign purposes will be done when all artwork and graphic designs have been completed, estimated for February 2020.

New miniature models

I have contacted Jeff to add the Soyuz transport and Proton launch vehicles of Russian mission Zond 5, which he will gladly design for us as an addition to our extra character and solo-play opponent. Once these are done, I will write a post about the vehicle miniatures by Jeff McDowall.

Yuri Newton

At this moment, Diego is still finishing off the colouring of our European astronomer, but I can already tease you with the draft version.

First draft of Yuri Newton (Diego Sanchez)

So, that's it for now,



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