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Map update and launch sites

While visiting new continents, you will always get a souvenir to build on. This way you could make travelling chain reactions or receive quests. Another surprise could be another launch site option than Cape Canaveral. Some of them can be used by other players as well once revealed, but some will be exclusively for your use only. There is only one alternative launch tile in the game. Once you draw the tile you draw two launch site cards and keep one hidden in front of you until you decide to launch from that location. The card is then revealed. The command module logo can be drawn from any continent and can be a part of a travelling chain reaction or reveal the top card as alternative launch site. This last option could turn out less favourable, because it could help others more than it would help you.

Everything here is still subject to test play. This module is a brand-new one that we chose to add as a result to some feedback remarks on space race themed launch sites during Essen Spiel last year.

Slide the cards to discover the hidden launch sites and try to find them on the map with the coordinates.

In order to match the abilities of the characters and the reachability of the alternative launch sites, a world map update was required.

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