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Gameplay and development

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

  1. PnP examples

  2. Miniature version on Tabletopia

  3. Development schedule and potential partners

  4. Current rulebook

  5. Enhancing continent tiles in new version in Tabletopia

  6. Enhancing instrument combinations

  7. Vehicle die

  8. Solo variant concept

  9. Super inventions

1. PnP examples

The print and play version has been ready and downloadable for a couple of weeks now. But as the rules and components are enhanced from time to time, a newer version of the continent tiles is on its way. The rulebook needs to have some adaptations to some new instrument and quest rules and to its setup accordingly.

In the following video I have given some directions on how to prepare the PnP material, but the list of the additional game pieces required to play the game can be found in the PnP-zip package as the 'PNP-AN v1.0.0 read me first.txt' file. I am showing the list here once again.

  1. meeples (x7 colours of continents)

  2. small d6 max 14mm (x7 colours of continents) >>>1=car, 2=train, 3=boat, 4=helicopter, 5=plane, 6=command module

  3. discs for 8 planets (grey, orange, light blue, red, brown, beige, green, dark blue)