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Ready to launch play tests!

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

This blog took some time and was a bit strange to write given the circumstances. Like a lot of people, I have tried to look for the positive sides in being home all the time. One detail, is that I have transformed our flat hall into a training area and started to use my wooden dummy for kungfu practicing more often, whereas I used to practice more elsewhere while teaching wing chun. I am adjusting myself to start providing training via an action cam to my students. For work, a focus towards renewal in our IT-management suddenly gets accelerated. And for AstroNavigators, I got into the zone to further prepare the digital test environment. Staying home made me enjoy adapting to the extra amount of quality time with wife and kid.

But although I am staying home 'to save others' (especially loved ones ;-)), I keep on wondering about all the suffering and stress being ignited outside. It feels like the situation is worse than a zombie film. The danger is invisible and unforgiving, instilling fear into the hearts of people. Even I am a lot encouraged by fear, because my mother (lung cancer) and son (premature birth) are both sensitive for lung infections. Somehow, I hope this event will have shaken up society for the better. That we can start with a new slate. I can already think of at least three things: partial teleworking works and reduces traffic, unessential industries need to rethink their natural footprint, and healthcare shouldn't be treated like a luxury anywhere in the world!

I used to think I was a little germaphobe, but the current focus on how to clean your hands properly and regularly, made me feel less freakish about it now ;-).

A. Last basic character is ready

Sphen Easydive is the last in the series of basic characters. This will start off the official play test period. Afterwards there are two special characters in the making, but these are somewhat a surprise. Especially the last character illustration will require some extra care, since I want that one to be the apotheosis of character revelations.

In the meantime we can make acquaintance with Sir Sphen Easydive. This is one of the most whimsical of all characters regarding personality and hidden agenda cards. The astronaut suit is based on the Lost in Space spacesuit and a Mandalorian jetpack from the Star Wars franchise.

art and story: