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Onboard spaceship navigation

Updated: May 16, 2020

Try to find the sextant and telescope on the outside of the command module before reading any further. (NASA)

One of the culminations in the game is grasping the relationship (set) between different constellations of stars, like is it in the Milky Way, on the ecliptic, on the celestial equator or near the polar regions. If we plug the coordinates of the stars and compare it with a landmark on the Earth or on the Moon, we are able to position ourselves towards the right paths in comparison with the current celestial equator and execute the necessary burns. By comparing the ecliptic with the stars, we can take a target position anywhere in the Solar System!

In the game characters and quest teach you about navigation (astrolabe, sextant and octant), celestial markings (armillary spheres) and magnification (telescopes), each portraying their function with utilities in the game. The space navigation endgame needs to be the culmination of instrument and observation knowledge (navigation knowledge NK). To get this one right, the last year was not only spent to enhance graphic design and illustrations, but a great deal of research has been conducted to get a solid background in cultural and historical references to support the theme. Next to that, the mechanics of the endgame have been totally rethought to approach the scientific and technological input while playing.