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Abilities, hidden agendas and quests.

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

(prototypes for test purposes)

Character abilities

Neil Aquila (North America)

  • Planning up to 3 observations instead of 1.

Yuri Newton (Europe)

  • While executing a planned observation, score the spontaneous observation as well if able. (+Telescope)

Wang Xiongmao (Asia)

  • Lunar observations are rewarded with 5 extra Navigation Knowledge points.

João Luna (South America)

  • Observing a solar occultation or a lunar eclipse is rewarded twice. (+Solar protection technique)

Leo Maseko (Africa)

  • Observations of constellations are worth 10 Navigation Knowledge points instead of 5. No rewards for Milky Way observations. No points for collections. (+Telescope)

Jarrah Walker (Oceania)

  • Travelling by boat may go 1 step faster. (+Solar protection technique)

Sphen Easydive (Antarctica)